"Pepper"/Import UK/B.Nuttall,the dam of Lucky Lady/Canada.Died while out hunting.

"Digger"/Import UK/B.Nuttall was an one of a kind outstanding dog with excellent producing abilities.He could kill foxes like any other dog would kill a rat!He died much too early in an tragic accident in 2000& is still more or less the main cornerstone of our breeding program.He still lives on via his offspring!

"Fudgie"/Import Canada/Roady`s
Died while out hunting .

"Beppels"Import UK/B.Nuttall was a Top-hunter with lots of brain.Very clever bitch that produced amongst others Grubert`s Monster .

"Luzy" (G.Mason`s Nigger x Schwab`s Jessy) was one of our best bitches.Very hard and clever!She died while out hunting!«« zurück

"Kiwi" (Nerone x Schoko) was truely the "apple of my eye",a top bitch and an all arounder in all aspects.we called her the "Tank" and that name fits her most!She died tragically with 4 years of age much too young from pyometra.«« zurück

"Trog" (B.Nuttall`s Chrunch x B.N.`s Guinness)Import UK, missing since 2004 while out hunting .«« zurück

"Nike" (Digger x Schoko) died from cancer at an ripe old age in 2010.«« zurück

"Schoko" (B.Nuttall`s Miner x B.N.`s Talbot)Import UK and the true cornerstone of our breeding program.Died with 14 years of age.«« zurück

G.Mason`s "Tinka" (G.M.`s Nigger x G.M.`s Kate)Import UK, died with 11 years from cancer .«« zurück