2.German Patterdale Festival 12./13.July 2008
   Some interesting links:

Very important:Patterdale Terrier Club of America
TOP=Julia Birk`s dog-park/ /germany
S.P.Kennels Patterdales/France
Sticks and Stones Kennels Patterdale Terriers / USA
Earthdogs - Site / located in sweden
Deadgame Patterdales / USA
Gone Digging Site/ UK
Byte Kennels / USA
Wochele`s Patterdales/Germany
Strong-heart`s Patterdales/Italy
Ralph Stein`s Patterdales/Germany
J&J Patterdales/USA
Silvia`s great Bulldog Site/Germany/
HAM`s Karpaten-Kennels
German hunting dogs
Hungarian Patterdale Site
Working JRTs/Germany
Bullbreed Club/Austria
Becky and the Black Creek Crew
Ralph`s Am-Staff-Site/Germany
Booth`s Patterdaleterriers/France
CMC- Patterdales/USA
Great "Schutzhunde"-Site/Switzerland
Italian Dog Site
Hurricane Kennels Patterdales /located in sweden
Peter`s Dog-Shop/Denmark
Knighthood`s Bullterriers / Working lines

  Working Terrier Clubs and Magazine in Europe

PTCA / American-Patterdale-Terrier-Association by Robert Burns
1. Working Patterdale Terrier Newsletter
Maurizio Bramati`s Patterdale Newsletter/Italy
The Earth Dog-Running Dog magazine
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